Why Goliath?

When I started Goliath I had no desire to enter the marketplace as another average bat. The wood used to craft Goliath Bats is grown right here in the great U.S. of A. Every single step of the process; from harvesting the timber to delivering the bats to your door is a resource of the U.S. The trees harvested derive from a region where they endure harsh, demanding climate - making the grains straighter and the wood harder and stronger. Although all trees are beautiful, not all trees are qualified to become Goliath Bats.

Goliath Bats are made from hand-split billets, vacuum-kiln dried to the ideal moisture content. This step is critical when developing a hitting tool that needs to withstand the impact of a thousand at-bats while also providing our players the extra strength and pop that everyone raves about.

Your bat is precision turned on a CNC lathe then 6x hand-sanded for smoothness and comfort. After the 6th sanding cycle we 360° "bone" your bat to compress the grains to provide an even harder hitting surface with added durability.

We've applied the foundation, now it's time for the make-up. Sure they're gorgeous, but there's a beast in this beauty. Our bats were destined to be hit with the moment they were cut down. Every process the timber went through along the way was to provide you with the hardest, strongest, most handsome baseball bat out there!